How to Use Marketing Automation For Hosting Better Events

How to Use Marketing Automation For Hosting Better Events

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Online events like webinars and conferences have become a staple for almost every industry.

They’re essential for sharing insights, launching campaigns, or conducting training presentations. 

But how can you make these events more efficient and engaging? 

Enter marketing automation for events

This approach simplifies event management, boosts attendee engagement, and maximizes your event ROI.

This article will look into the benefits of marketing automation and how you can start using it for your online events.

From Traditional Marketing to Automation

Transitioning from conventional marketing techniques to automated solutions transforms the way you manage online events.

From Traditional Marketing to Automation

Manual tasks, like sending out emails,  monitoring registrations, and sifting through feedback forms, are time-consuming and prone to errors. 

Automation‌ centralizes these processes. 

It not only reduces the workload but ensures consistency and accuracy.

In fact, marketing automation can actually lead to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity.

For businesses that consistently run online events, this shift in your marketing practices means two things: 

  1. A significant reduction in administrative burdens. This grants you more time to innovate and refine the quality of your content.
  2. A more seamless and professional event experience for attendees that elevates their perception of your brand.

Automation doesn’t just replace traditional marketing methods. 

It improves on them so you drive growth and conversions for your business.

The Benefits of Marketing Automation for Events

The Benefits of Automated Marketing for Online Events

The backbone of any successful event strategy is an efficient system that maximizes reach and engagement.

This is where marketing automation shines.

But what exactly does it bring to the table for businesses that manage online events and campaigns?

Precision Targeting

Promoting your event is no longer just about broadcasting your message and hoping it lands. 

With automation, you can pinpoint your audience in a matter of minutes.

Automated marketing tools effortlessly categorize attendees based on various factors – from previous event participation and engagement levels to more detailed metrics.

These include your audience’s job titles, geographic locations, and even specific content they’ve interacted with on your platform.

But why is this precision crucial? 

The answer is that it tailors your event marketing strategy. 

For instance, a first-time attendee might benefit from a beginner’s guide or an overview webinar.

Meanwhile, a long-time follower might be more interested in advanced topics or exclusive sessions. 

By customizing your approach for different audience segments, you not only enhance the user experience but also increase your webinar show-up rate and conversions.

Consistent Engagement

Keeping your audience engaged is no small feat. Especially with the hundreds of online events and content vying for their attention.

Rather than sporadic interactions, automation helps build a continuous dialogue with your attendees.

This system keeps them plugged into your event narrative from beginning to end.

Continuous Dialogue with Automated Event Marketing

For example:

Through a webinar opt-in sequence, attendees receive a steady stream of valuable content, reminders, and updates.

Each message is personalized so it resonates more deeply with the recipient based on their interests and behaviors.

But it’s not just about the lead-up. 

Even post-event, marketing automation extends the life and impact of your content.

You can set a time to send out webinar replay emails so attendees get timely access to session recordings, presentation slides, and other resources. 

This consistent touchpoint system increases event awareness and crafts a complete, end-to-end event experience.

Data-Driven Insights

Automation platforms continuously capture attendee interactions — from the moment they open an invitation email to their post-event feedback. 

Its real-time data accumulation offers a clear picture of what’s resonating with your audience and what isn’t.

Consider email open rates, for instance. 

A sudden dip can signal a need for more compelling subject lines. 

Or, if there’s a pattern of attendees dropping off midway through your webinar, it might be time to revisit content pacing or engagement tools during that segment.

With these insights, you can adjust your current event marketing strategies so you’re better prepared for future events. 

Referencing these data-driven insights positions your events for greater success and deeper audience connection.

Automated Marketing Best Practices

Adopting marketing automation for your events is only the beginning. 

Knowing how to implement best practices is crucial to maximize its potential.

Here are three key tips to remember when automating your event marketing.

Tip 1: Choose the Right Platform

Picking the right automation platform is like selecting the ideal venue for a physical event. 

It can make or break your efforts.

Your automation platform dictates how smoothly your marketing operations run. And how well you can engage your audience.

Hosting an online event often means using multiple tools simultaneously. These include customer relationship management (CRM) systems and email marketing tools. 

Your chosen platform should be compatible with these tools. 

This eliminates data silos for a unified marketing approach.

AEvent for instance integrates fully with Zoom and GoToWebinar. It also has 50 native integrations with tools like Google Calendar and Zapier.

Lastly, don’t overlook user experience. Both for your team and attendees. 

A platform might be loaded with features, but if it’s cumbersome or non-intuitive, you risk losing out on its full potential. 

Opt for platforms that offer comprehensive support, training, and an intuitive interface.

After all, time saved on troubleshooting or learning curves is time better spent on improving your event’s main content.

When you sign up for AEvent, you’ll also benefit from comprehensive help and support resources for every stage of your event.

Tip 2: Set a Clear Goal and Strategy

The foundation of any successful marketing campaign is clarity in purpose.

Start by asking key questions: 

What do you want to achieve with this particular event marketing campaign? 

Are you looking to boost registrations for a niche workshop? 

Or perhaps your aim is to ensure that attendees remain engaged and interact throughout the event’s duration? 

Knowing your objectives narrows down the playing field and helps you focus your efforts.

Once you’ve outlined the ‘what’, delve into the ‘how’. 

Strategy is your roadmap. It guides decisions on content, timing, and even the tools you might employ. 

For instance, if you’re targeting a global audience, you might strategize around time zones to optimize the reach of your reminders and promotional content

But remember that a strategy is not set in stone. 

The beauty of automation that’s backed by data is it allows you to pivot. 

Monitor the performance metrics, understand the engagement patterns, and be ready to tweak your strategy to align with your goals.

Tip 3: Start Early

Incorporating automation tools at the very outset of your event and marketing plan is a game-changer. 

It gives you a head start in understanding your target audience. 

As you roll out preliminary campaigns or teasers about your event, automation tools can track interactions and reveal insights about what resonates with potential attendees. 

For example: If a segment of your audience shows a keen interest in a particular topic, your marketing automation platform can trigger targeted messages.

Early integration also ensures that all systems work cohesively. Whether it’s registration platforms, feedback mechanisms, or session reminders.

It reduces the chances of hiccups closer to the event.

The sooner you embed automation into your event strategy, the more holistic and data-driven your approach becomes.

Automate Your Online Events with AEvent

Online events can be your gateway to engagement and conversions.

But to truly capitalize on their potential, marketing automation is non-negotiable. 

It streamlines tasks, applies precision targeting, and delivers unmatched attendee participation. 

As you work to perfect your online event strategy, remember: The right tools, coupled with a clear vision, make all the difference. 

So don’t let manual processes bog you down. Embrace automation and watch your events thrive. 

Ready to automate and streamline your webinars? Schedule a demo with AEvent today!

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