How to Use ClickFunnels Webinar Integration to Improve Lead Conversions

Clickfunnels Webinar Integration

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Thanks to the popularity of virtual events, webinar platforms have become an essential tool for marketing.

91% of marketers say that webinars have been successful in helping them reach their marketing goals.

But if you want to maximize your webinar’s potential, you need a system that manages and nurtures leads throughout the webinar funnel.

The solution is integrating your ClickFunnels webinar campaign with an event automation platform like AEvent.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use ClickFunnels webinar integration so you can increase your conversion rates and drive more sales to your business. 

If you want to run a fully automated ClickFunnels webinar that can double your show-up rate, schedule a demo with AEvent.

AEvent is the only webinar automation platform that fully integrates with both Zoom and GoToWebinar.

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3 Steps to Use ClickFunnels Webinar Integration

Integrating ClickFunnels with a third-party webinar platform lets you run webinars on autopilot and collect emails from participants.

Before setting up your webinar integration, you need an active ClickFunnels account. You also need a pre-scheduled webinar on your third-party webinar platform.

If you’re done with both, here’s how you can integrate your webinar platform into ClickFunnels:

How to Set Up ClickFunnels Webinar Integration

Step 1: Add Your Software

To add your preferred video conferencing software, you have to go to your ClickFunnels account. Select “Account Settings” and choose “Integrations.” 

Next, click on “Add New Integration.”

Add Your Software

From here, you’ll choose your preferred video conferencing software. Let’s use Zoom as an example.

Add New Integration

You need to input the requested details and name your integration. Then click on “Connect Integration.”

This will prompt you to log in from your Zoom account for authorization. 

Connect Integration

Different video conferencing software requires different details to integrate them into ClickFunnels. 

You can add and delete integrations at any time from your account settings. 

Step 2: Create a Live Webinar Funnel

To use your integration for a ClickFunnels campaign, you need to create a live webinar funnel. 

Your ClickFunnels webinar integration will only work when you connect it to an existing funnel. This lets you collect registration details for your live event.

To create a funnel, click on the “Build a Funnel” option and select “Host A Webinar.” 

Host Webinar

This will give you two options, a “ Live Webinar” and a “Webinar Replay.”

For the webinar integration, remember to select the “Live Webinar” feature. 

You will only be able to integrate ClickFunnels with other video conferencing software through this option.

Live Webinar

Select “Build Funnel” after putting in your funnel name and group tags.

Build Funnel

Go through each step in the webinar funnel to choose an appropriate template. 

Customize your pages to include the right information about your event, like the webinar schedule or any product upsells you might have.

Step 3: Connect Integration to a Funnel Page

Now that you have our live webinar funnel ready, you can connect the integration you added in Step 1. 

Connecting your integration to the funnel lets you collect registration info and transfer it to your webinar platform. 

To connect your integration, go to your webinar funnel and select the “Webinar Registration” page.

Webinar Registration

Next, click on the “Edit Page” button and hover over your “Settings.” You’ll see an “Integrations” button. Select that option.

Edit Page and Integrations

Choose the integration you added earlier and click on “Save.” 

With that, your chosen webinar platform is now integrated into your ClickFunnels webinar.

Integrate ClickFunnels Page Builder with AEvent for Better Conversion Rates

According to, half of the qualified leads you generate are not ready to make a purchase. So you need to nurture them at every stage of the webinar.

This means positioning your webinars to convert interest into action when your leads are most ready to engage.

Integrating your ClickFunnels Page Builder with AEvent lets you automate the entire webinar funnel, from event registration to the webinar replay.

Integrate ClickFunnels Page Builder with AEvent for Better Conversion Rates

You can automate Zoom webinars, set event timelines, and send webinar email sequences all inside the AEvent platform.

Registration Page

You create a customizable and user-friendly webinar experience by integrating AEvent with your ClickFunnels webinar registration page. 

With AEvent’s code-level integration, you can build a robust data capture with the flexibility to tailor the registration form with additional fields like phone numbers or custom inputs.

Registration Page

This optimizes attendee engagement and enriches your database for more targeted follow-ups.

You can also create a multi-session layout so attendees can select from different schedule options depending on their availability.


You can add dynamic date and time elements, customize buttons for different sessions, and automatically update the layout based on the event’s availability.

Confirmation Page

After registration, your webinar attendees will get redirected to the ClickFunnels confirmation page.

You can integrate this part of your webinar funnel with AEvent to create a personalized join link for each participant.

This reduces the steps they need to join your event, which improves user satisfaction and boosts attendance rates.

Your participants don’t have to go back to their emails just to find the webinar link.

It’s also valuable given that 83% of users are willing to exchange their data for a more personalized experience.

With AEvent, you can also run automated countdown timers and add-to-calendar options so participants can maximize their webinar experience.

Replay Page

The replay page hosts your webinar recording for people who missed the live broadcast. You also use this when running a ClickFunnels evergreen webinar.

Integrating the replay page with AEvent lets you create self-expiring links so only registered attendees can access your content.

This exclusivity adds value to your offer and encourages more registrations since participants know they’ll have limited access to your content.

What are the Benefits of Using ClickFunnels Webinar Integration?

After your webinar integration, automation streamlines your marketing process. 

You can use ClickFunnels to generate emails, consolidate contacts, and segment your audience. 

Integrating AEvent with your ClickFunnels campaigns not only elevates your marketing strategy but also ensures a more seamless connection with your audience.

ClickFunnel + AEvent

Software Compatibility

ClickFunnels is highly compatible with different video conferencing software.

You can use ClickFunnels to capture data from your webinar platform, like participant emails and phone numbers.

You can also manage the participants and add or remove them from the webinar. 

Email Response Automation

Keeping track and communication of potential clients from your webinars is important. You can use these leads for future digital marketing. 

With webinar integration, all participants from your webinar in the third-party software will be consolidated in ClickFunnels.

You can even target your emails depending on their interaction with your webinar.

Sales Generation

The higher the conversion rate, the higher the revenue.

Integrating your webinar to ClickFunnels will offer you all the tools to create effective landing pages for your business. 

At the same time, you will be provided with statistics enabling you to identify possible key improvements for your webinar. 

It can help you set better target audiences and generate more clients for your business.

Integrate AEvent for the Best ClickFunnels Webinar Experience

Integrating your ClickFunnels Pagebuiler with AEvent gives you easy access to automation tools for your webinar. 

This combination enhances user experience, boosts engagement, and provides valuable insights for your future events.

You can create a seamless registration process with automated page elements for an effortless experience for your attendees.

Ready to increase your webinar conversions while saving time on managing your online events?

Book your demo with AEvent today.

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